The Third Dimension


In my fine art photography I want to move beyond capturing images that appear flat or two-dimensional. I strive to create photographs that have that elusive third dimension of depth.


Recently I have been experimenting using only a single light source for my studio work. A single light source allows for very directional light.


Unlike flat frontal lighting, directional light allows you to carve out the subject’s shape by creating areas of highlight and shadow. Directional light is key to creating depth in an image.


The alstro and tulip images are samples of photographs created with a single directional light source. I used a small soft box at camera left.


Of course selective focus and my choice of composition helped create a sense of depth in these two images. However, directional light is still the key. Imagine these two photographs taken with flat frontal lighting. All shadow would be eliminated… and the sense of depth would be gone.


Experiment for yourself. Move your light source away from the camera. Don’t be afraid to create some shadows. Strive to create depth with your lighting, and watch your images improve.

Click here to see more samples of my flower images.

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2 Responses to “The Third Dimension”

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    […] Creating Shape and Depth with Directional Light […]

  2. Shannon Says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for how to find a photographer

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