Flash Modifier

The Mustard Curator

The National Mustard Museum recently held “A Night Of Mustard Royalty” where the winners of the 2011 World-Wide Mustard Competition were crowned.

None other than the Mustard Curator himself asked me if I could document the gala event of mustard-making history.

The event was held at the world’s only Mustard Museum. Having visited the museum in the past I knew I was in for a photographic challenge.

First: lots of yellow walls, second: glass everywhere, third: a relatively dark environment lit primarily with tungsten display lights.

I knew I was going to use my trusty Metz speedlight mounted on a flash bracket. The height of the bracket would help hide any shadows created by the flash.

The final addition to this simple event photography setup was a new flash modifier. I used a Rogue Flash Bender attached to the speedlight.

The Flash Bender is 5″ wide and 9″ tall. A flexible rod built into the Bender allowed me to direct my flash output at any angle I needed.

This allowed me to put the light where I needed it — on my subjects, and directed away from glass display cases that would have bounced a reflection right back at my camera.

I set my camera on manual at f/4, 1/125th second, ISO 400 with the flash on ETTL.

The rest was easy — sample great food made with grand champion mustard, a little fine wine, and take some pictures.

You can see a gallery of the results by visiting here.


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    […] In a earlier post I showed how I used a smaller Rogue modifier to photograph an event with terrific results. (See Flash Modifier) […]

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