About this blog…

“It’s not just about getting the shot. Any nincompoop can make a technically correct photograph given the automation in today’s cameras.

This blog is about understanding how to use your camera to go beyond merely taking pictures.

My goal is to help you get to a point where you feel you are in control of creating an image.

If you want to move beyond simply pointing and shooting, then RG’s Digital Photography Tips Blog is for you.”

–Randy Grosse

About the author…

I was hooked on photography from the moment I saw the magic of my first black and white print developing before my eyes some 40 years ago. Over the decades that followed I have been a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, a commercial photographer, opened a studio, and spent a small fortune studying and honing my skills as an image-maker. Through it all my favorite part of photography remains the creative process of capturing an image that the viewer enjoys; hopefully an image that stirs a reaction, stimulates a thought, or at bare minimum, causes a smile.

I currently work in Madison, Wisconsin as a commercial and fine art photographer. I also work as a camera and lighting sales consultant and photography instructor for The Camera Company.

Please feel free to contact me by email at



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