Coaching For Business Owners

Business Owners. . .

I’ll teach your staff to photograph your products and projects!

As An Instructor, Randy Grosse’s Objective Is. . .

To help your company’s creative team illustrate innovative marketing and communication strategies with eye-catching photography.

I will teach your staff photographic techniques that will allow you to save money by creating the photography you need entirely in-house.

Digital photography equipment has made it possible for almost anyone to create terrific photographs. The difference between amateur and professional looking images is often the choice of equipment and employing a few simple techniques.

In a few short hours I can make sure you have the right equipment and train your staff to create photographs of your products and projects for use in printed advertising and on the web.

I have experience teaching product and portrait lighting techniques to professional photographers, corporate creative staffs, and small business owners using a variety of lighting equipment and digital cameras.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re photographing jewelry, nuts and bolts, furniture, cabinetry, interior design, or an entire building, I can show you how to get great results.

To get started please contact me at the email address listed below. Please include a brief description of the type of advice you are looking for. I will email a plan of action with a fee quote back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s create great photography that helps you grow your business!

Contact by Email At


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