Coaching For Photographers

Are You An Aspiring Professional Photographer? . . .

Looking for advice on:

  • The differences in digital camera makes and models
  • What lens to use to for different applications
  • How to set white balance and get perfect exposure
  • How to set up and use studio lighting
  • How to use fill flash outdoors
  • Advice on portrait photography
  • Advice on tabletop photography
  • Advice on architectural photography
  • Establishing a high school senior portrait business
  • Hands-on technical advice to improve your images

Randy Grosse is available for one-on-one consultations with aspiring photographers in the Madison, Wisconsin area. I will put all my experience to work helping you to feel at ease and confident when you are behind the camera.

For more information contact me at the email address below. Please include a brief description of the type of advice you are looking for. I will email a plan of action with a fee quote back to you as soon as possible.

For your information, here is a summary of my qualifications as your photography coach.

The Camera Company

Sales Consultant and Instructor

My responsibilities include teaching product and portrait lighting techniques to professional photographers, corporate creative staffs, and small business owners using a variety of lighting equipment and digital single lens reflex cameras. In addition to serving as the store’s tabletop and copy photographer, I also run the Canon wide format printer and sell digital cameras, studio lighting equipment, and accessories.

Freelance Photographer

Clients have included builders, interior designers, professional services, and small equipment manufacturers. Subject matter has ranged from extensive tabletop photography to documenting manufacturing sites to on location executive portraiture.

Studio Owner

In addition to commercial photography my studio experience includes formal portraits of executives, families and high school seniors.

Fine Art Photographer

Photography has always been more than just a career to me; it is my passion. As a fine art photographer I am able to develop creative ideas and techniques that often improve my commercial photography. My current work is focused on applying tabletop lighting techniques to create fine art images.


I have worked exclusively with Digital SLR capture for the past ten years. I have extensive experience in exposure and color control using a variety of cameras and lighting equipment. I am an accomplished Photoshop user with experience in processing and retouching raw, tiff and jpeg image files.

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